What?! Already back from the tour?

Yes, and I realized after we embarked that I can't make blog posts without a computer, which I did not take with me. Oh well. I couldn't keep you updated in real time on our shenanigans, adventures, and encounters. 

To make a two-week-long story short:

We met many awesome people along the way (Travis from Ajeva and Kayla, Alexander, who all sang and played with us and showed us a great time! James 'Frido' Freed I believe we will encounter again, being so similar in our musical tastes and journey. All the guys from Audiowolf and Lord Bishop - some hard rockin' party-havin people!.. And I can't forget Universal Green in that group!) Seeing our friends in Captain Green was as good as we expected. We owe so much to Grant Hudson for helping us along the way. If you are in a touring band, YOU NEED TO KNOW J. Niles Haury. THAT IS ALL.  We experienced a lot of wonderful little places. Florida was amazing! Nashville was too much fun! Asheville was beautiful!(and our new favorite place...LOOKOUT)  Being back in Carolina felt good too!

We laughed we cried we drank we ate we jammed we listened and a few of us played a lot of pokemon on gameboy DS. 

I will try to keep these posts more routinely updated. Until next time, PW loves you all!