from $.50 to $1000...we will take anything!

Recently our beloved bus ran into some trouble. On the way home from Greenville, SC, we heard some violent ticking, a loud bang, a flash of light... and then nothing.  We took great care of her, but sometimes things happen that are out of the hands of us earthly beings.

Unfortunately the engine is blown.  

We really want to keep our big, beautiful bus - and get her a new engine.The cost (with the help of our trusted mechanic Marcus) will be over ~$7000.We do have some cash saved... but we are still very very far away from affording the new engine.


The great thing about this donation page is - there is NO middle man! This is not a gofundme, or kickstarter. The money you donate will go directly into a fund that we will use to pay for the engine/mechanic.